Why do I need an online reservation system on my website?
It will help increase your conversion rate of web traffic into sales. Web customers expect access to real time availability and pricing and might pass you up for a competitor if this information isn’t available to them instantly. It will decrease manual labour in answering phone calls and emails from prospective clients who may only want trivial information on availability and price. It will also be available for them to make a booking 24 hours a day where as you or your staff may not.
Why is HBN Online better than other online reservation systems?
HBN Online comes coupled with a full-featured reservation management system enabling you to continue to take reservations manually rather than needing to allocate blocks to a 3rd party and losing flexibility over those items. As well you now have a free reservation and inventory management system to use!
Is it Easy to Use?
In less than 15 minutes a day, you can receive online reservations and update your rates, room availability and special offers at no cost. No technical skills or expertise are required - all it takes is a PC with Internet access. And to answer any questions, our experienced support staff is always ready to help.
What does it cost me?
Nothing much. Setup is FREE and there is no long term contract. HBN Online is a proven cost-effective solution for all hotel, bed and breakfast, guest house and apart-hotel websites. We charge a fixed fee from £10 per month, depending on the number of rooms in your property.
How secure is HBN Online?
HBN Online uses the latest SSL security protocol. All parts of the system where a credit card number is either entered or displayed are secured with 128-bit SSL encryption. This is the encryption standard used by all e-commerce sites and online banks around the world.
I don’t understand how HBN Online works. Is it installed on our web server?
No. It’s actually hosted on our servers and just appears to be still on yours. A link to your reservation page will be placed on your website. (eg. Online Reservations or Online Booking). The HBN booking page will have your hotel name and full address on the heading making the page as part of your own website.

A quick reservations box can be placed on your website too. This will seamlessly integrate within your website and allow guests to be able to check rates and availability and to continue to make a booking within a few clicks.
How long does it take to set up once I agree to go with you guys?
We can have your account all ready and the web side of things customized to your site within 24 hours. After that it will be up to you or your staff to enter in the rate, product and inventory information and then we launch. Depending on the size and complexity of your inventory launch can be maximum two days.
How does online payments work?
The system will pass credit card information and all other payment details on to you to process. HBN Online does not process the payments itself. You will receive a notification by email once a new web booking arrives. The email will contain all the information regarding the booking. You can login into the system to view information about the credit card details. It's upon the hotel to preauthorise the credit card of the guest to make sure that in case of a no show, the hotel can charge the card as per the cancellation policy.

For an additional low cost, you may opt to receive notifications by fax. These notifications will contain booking details with guest credit card details.